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 Mental Health Counseling

We believe that healthy minds produce healthy lives.   Diamond's Community Based Services offers individual, group, and family therapy. Each Diamonds CBS therapist facilitates practical, problem-solving person centered treatment that promotes healthy independent living.


Enhanced Substance Abuse  Treatment

Community Based Outpatient Services

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Revovery promotes prevention,

treatment &  personal  redemption from mentalhealth and substance abuse disorders

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Substance Abuse Counseling

Please don't take chances with your life.  A recovery plan and support group is necessary for your success. Diamond's Community Based Services SAIOP and SACOT treatment groups are designed  to teach life skills  that are pertinent to your recovery. Choose Diamond's Community Based Services, Choose sobriety, and you're well on your way to living a clean and sober life that's active , full, and free!


Do you use drugs or alcohol?  Do you have a family or friends whose drug and alcohol use concern you? You are not alone. Diamond's Community Based Services Substance Abuse Counseling services are here to help. Our counselors can help you travel the road of abstinence and sobriety. They also help family members and friends to become a support versus an enabler. Get Help! "Just for Today!"  704-537-1424

Diamond's Community Based Services, Inc.

Diamond's Community Based Services, Inc.

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