What Is Independent Living Diamond’s Community Based Services, Inc Independent Living Residential Services (ILR) provides supportive housing for individuals with disabilities who are high functioning. These services are designed to enable eligible individuals to obtain, regain, and maintain their independence. Diamond’s Independent Living Residential Counselors and house manager will provide weekly visits, house meetings, and ongoing supervision in the home which includes service coordination, medication education, and medication management for each person on an individual basis. These services ensure that each person receives individualized care and training for individual advocacy.

 Why Choose Diamond’s Independent Living

Residential Services (ILRS)

At Diamond’s CBS, we value people. We believe in helping all people. We serve those with metal health, intellectual & developmental delays, and substance abuse needs. It is the goal of Diamond’s Community Based Services to teach and provide individual and systems advocacy to empower people.

Diamond's Community Based Services, Inc. Independent Living Residential Treatment Services is Nationally Accredited by

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Independent Living

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What to Expect From Diamond’s Independent Living Residential Services

Independent Living Residential Treatment Services are committed to excellence. You or your loved one will get the necessary assistance needed to maintain a safe, independent, and enjoyable lifestyle.


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Diamond’s Independent Living Residential Services Include:

  • Housing
  • Care Coordination
  • Independent living skills training
  • Individual and systems advocacy &Training to develop advocacy and self-empowerment skills
  • Guidance and counseling services for mental health and substance abuse
  • Medication Monitoring/Management
  • Community Integration Education and training
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Social and recreational services
  • Communication skills development